January 24, 2016

10 photos of politicians are not what they seem

Everything is under the eye of the beholder. Tied to the ethical code of non-manipulation, boston fashion photographer who point their cameras to the power lead time tuning the shot to subtly insinuate without teaching, border without crossing that red line which is their commitment to reality. In Quesabesde we have gathered a dozen examples of political leaders whose photographs, either intentionally or by accident, have much more than meets the eye.


It is having a bad time politically speaking it was never so graphic as in the image taken by Wilton de Sousa Júnior Dilma Rousseff appears where apparently pierced by a sword. And the intention of this photojournalist was, indeed, reflect the difficult moment that crossed the Brazilian president, head of a government marked by corruption. The author’s great eye for photography was awarded the Prize for Journalism King of Spain in 2012.

Dilma Roussef
Photo: Wilton de Sousa Júnior (O Estado de S.Paulo / EFE)

So common as buttoning his suit jacket gesture takes on new meaning when the wearer is Francisco Camps and two of his trusted men, Vicente Rambla and Ricardo Costa. The September 30, 2009, in the scandal called “case of the suits” of the plot Gürtel by splashing the then president of the Valencian Generalitat, did not need words to understand that simple gesture, buttoning a jacket, casually he went far beyond a mechanical gesture that accompanies the stand. By El Mundo photographer Vicent Bosch , photo stalled while he was censured -along with others- by the Council in an exhibition organized by the Union of Journalists Valencians.

Francisco Camps gürtel
Photo: Vicent Bosch (El Mundo)

By chance or superhuman eye for photography. Who knows. Marc Israel Sellem, the newspaper The Jerusalem Post, social networks revolutionized few weeks ago with an incredible catch where a whimsical shadow cast by the finger of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acts as a small Hitler mustache on German Chancellor Angela Merkel during his visit Hebrew territory. Political inconveniences aside, the photo was reproduced around the world and became a viral phenomenon.

Angela Merkel
Photo: Marc Israel Sellem (The Jerusalem Post)

A black background, a look not particularly eloquent gesture smiling and touching his tie combined in a masterly photo of Daniel Ochoa de Olza which occupied front pages and encouraged political gatherings. Spurred by an economy that was going down and a fierce crises attacking the country, the image of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero benighted left no one indifferent and was praised and criticized by everyone, including himself protagonist. And the truth is that there were no more left of it-he recognized photographer Quesabesde the desired effect with the stroke of flash- that chance.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
Photo: Daniel Ochoa de Olza (AP)

A picture is worth a thousand words, but certainly sometimes need more than a thousand words to understand what the hell happened when the photographer pressed the button. If this is the snapshot taken during a medal ceremony of Prince Charles at a military base in 2012. Spread by the British tabloids, it led to all kinds of jokes at the expense of a lover whose affairExtra marriage for three decades with Camila Parker Bowles -sazonado with spicy love-letters will be remembered for long.


Another timely photo that tie knots and troubles converge so fatal to those portrayed. I could see the photographer of El Periodico de Catalunya Juanma Prats , that this King Juan Carlos Prince Philip image and adjusting a knot around the neck in crisis Urdangarin given the cover and made ​​responsible for the newspaper. And all without giving a single argument to the Royal House to pick up the phone.

Photo: Juanma Prats (El Periodico de Catalunya)

Half the world laughed at her and the other half did not care, but its protagonist did nothing of grace. The late President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez staged a curious image, taken by Lula Marques in Brazil, where a keen eye when it comes to blur the background and frame the picture made ​​him a kind of Mickey Mouse. Staunch enemy of the United States, make him one of the icons yankees par excellence was considered by the Bolivarian regime as an attempt to ridicule and humiliation and was even labeled media terrorism.

Hugo Chavez
Photo: Lula Marques (Folha de S. Paulo / Reuters)

¿I looked down or looked at what everyone was assumed that looked? Breeding fame and lie shaking, he must have thought when Silvio Berlusconi was reflected in a snapshot taken by AFP photographer Andreas Solaro where their gaze converges in the area of the body that is no longer back the Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini. It was during a rally of his party in Rome in 2009 to a young audience, which jumped at the chance to release one of his usual jokes outbursts: “I will accept questions from the boys, but the girls would like to have your phone. “The unmistakable signature of a prime minister who will be remembered for its hedonic surrounded parties veline .

Silvio Berlusconi
Photo: Andreas Solaro (AFP)

Does the troika choking Spain? If in most cases treated in this Decalogue double meaning is to be found in this scene March 2012, also they captured several TV cameras what is difficult is to not assume that the resulting image was a reflection of reality: that of a European Union choking Spain in crisis. In the end, though, the Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos came out alive and strangulation was just a friendly joke by then president of the Eurogroup Jean-Claude Juncker.

Luis de Guindos
Photo: AP

In early 2009, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko held talks to try to end the gas crisis Russia was initiated by the pro-European turn of the former Soviet republic. And what better way to end the tension with smiles that caused this photograph, in which a simple gesture of support by the prospect became a bawdy wink. Although, given the evolution of Timoshenko, the reading of the image would be very different: the “orange lady” would be accused in 2011 of an alleged crime of abuse of power by this agreement and sentenced to seven years imprisonment -of which He served two and a half years after its recent commissioning liberty, in a maneuver that has always planned today in the shadow of deposed president pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovich.