February 19, 2016

15 politicians you should follow on Instagram

Not only politicians have doubts about laws, strategies and feedback. Also at some point today face the internal debate on whether to use the filter or choose Valencia Earlybird or Amaro. This happens when they get some of your photos to Instagram , social network of leaders who want more molar. And some are going wild over between shots in a stage giving a rally.

This is Yesgram’s selection of politicians Instagram accounts you should follow:

1- Cristina Cifuentes: cristinacifuentes

You will not resist any social network to the current president of the Community of Madrid. In his account not missing photos with José María Aznar, their cats Olimplia and Cleopatra and some of their favorites from the capital as the Temple of Debod and the church of San Antonio of the Germans corners.

2- ORIOL JUNQUERAS: junqueras

The leader of ERC delights us with images vintage, voting in 9-N, at a meeting with José Mújiga or staring into space while traveling in the AVE.

3- PEDRO SANCHEZ: sanchezcastejon

The secretary general of the PSOE is another addict Instagram, which perches on a train, buying on the Day of the Book, looking at his Facebook or correcting a speech during a flight to Palma de Mallorca.

4- HOPE AGUIRRE: esperanzaguirre

The president of the PP in Madrid does enjoy his followers with photos riding a bike, posing with Maria Teresa Campos and watching a bullfight in Las Ventas. Viva San Isidro!

5- ALBERT RIVERA: albertriveradiaz

The candidate of Citizens to La Moncloa is hooked on selfies on Instagram, either in front of the Giralda in Seville or El Programa de Ana Rosa .

IGNACIO 6- AGUADO: Iignacioaguado

Citizens spokesman in the Madrid Assembly has one of the funniest accounts. You can see it on a float during the Pride, playing with her dog collar, with the flag of Spain, and shopping at Zara Man.

7- Mariano Rajoy: marianorajoy

The Prime Minister closest through photos shown in a tapas bar in Pamplona, ​​becoming a selfie, with stick and all- and greeting neighbors Logroño. The other side of the chief executive.

8- EDUARDO MADINA: edumadina

It has the features indie of all Spanish political concerts of The Planets, Pop exhibition Thyssen and photos with Joaquín Reyes.

9- Javier Maroto: javiermarotovg

Deputy Secretary of Sector Popular Action Party has shifted away from photos of Vitoria, a city of which he was mayor until June to show his personal side since been promoted internally in the game.

ALBERTO 10- GARZÓN: agarzoniu

IU’s candidate for La Moncloa alternating images with home perched beach, acts of support for Syriza and moments of its activity in the Congress of Deputies. New policy.

11- Esteban Gonzalez Pons: egonzalezpons

MEP is another great fans of Instagram in Spain. Shows? His walks on the beach, their journeys runner Pablo Zalba, the Pope’s visit to the European Parliament … A mixture as explosive as addictive.

12- Artur Mas: artur_mas

It comes into its own as the 129th president of the Generalitat of Catalonia. He likes the photos Barcelona players, with his wife, fellow party as Xavier Trias and even with Sister Lucia.

13- JAUME Collboni: jcollboni

The leader of the PSC in Barcelona upload photos of salmorejo likes summer, a book on Jeff Koons, roads olive trees and walks with her husband. Pure Mediterranean.

14- OLTRA MONICA: monicaoltra_

Valencia vice president leaves for history in your account your uploaded on a float during the Pride march or hugging Joan Ribó after his proclamation as mayor and, of course, falls into the typical photo looking infinitive. It is unavoidable.

15- Emiliano García-Page: garciapage

The President of Castilla-La Mancha is also a big fan of this network and, moreover, has taken a lot during the campaign. It is now up the challenge of the transition from Instagram ‘opposition’ one government.