February 17, 2016

A fire destroyed official records in Economics

On Sunday the computer center of the Ministry of Finance was burned and thanks for timely help of water damage orange county, no one got injured. There the breakdown of expenditure of the Ministry is based. It is the fourth event of this year in key public areas.


Balcarce 186. One of the inputs of the Ministry of Economy. The fire was focused in an office on the fourth floor and left no visible traces from the outside. Diego Waldmann.

Balcarce 186. One of the inputs of the Ministry of Economy. The fire was focused in an office on the fourth floor and left no visible traces from the outside. Diego Waldmann.

 A mysterious fire broke out last weekend at the Ministry of Economy.With the mostly empty building, a computer center located on the fourth floor of the Palacio de Hacienda caught fire Sunday afternoon, the only day in which there are no employees working. the computer center of the Ministry of Finance, which contains the computers that control spending ministry archives burned.

The fire led to a police report and was admitted to Clarin by spokesmen and employees of Economics. This is the fourth fire this year in key areas of the state. In February, there were fires in the Pink House and the Senate and last month in the Libertador Building.

The Economy Ministry is one of the largest government headquarters and therefore more difficult to control. It consists of three buildings set on a block between Balcarce, Hipolito Yrigoyen, Paseo Colon and Alsina streets, where the Ministry of Industry and also work on the fourth floor living Planificación.En entire operational area of ​​Juan Carlos Pezoa, the holder the Ministry of Finance. It was in a small office on this floor, although far from the clerk’s office, located in the Directorate General Information Systems Financial Management towards the entrance of Balcarce 186, where the incident occurred.

According to the official version, which led to the fire was a short circuit in one of the air conditioners refrigeraba room.

What is striking is that the complaint was filed at the police station a day after second just after the event by the head of the area, Maria Eva Sanchez. The surveys to determine the extent of the damage extended into Wednesday afternoon. Sanchez went yesterday back to the police station to ratify the complaint.

According to Clarin reported sources close to the area, all the computers that were in the room where the cost control of the subsidiary portfolio that commands the secretariat was kept Pezoa burned. The official version instead speaks of “a principle of room fire testing of computer developments.” When asked about the damage and loss of information that could have led to the fire, the Ministry could not give details.

Another oddity of it is that while there was fire intervention, the scope of the flames did not spread outside the office in question. “The data center is a room where nobody works employee, are just computers and to prevent the room from overheating must be permanently cooled air conditioners,” he told this newspaper an employee of the area who asked that his identity be preserved.

Sunday the Ministry of Economy remains empty and there is no activity.But there are always the safety EMPLOYEES responsible for controlling the entrances. In addition, being such a large structure (there are 13 stories high and two underground) are calm with the obligation to make nightly rounds to oversee the different floors and there are security cameras distributed all over the building.

But the maintenance of the building is at least questionable, as the frequent complaints of some employees. In fact a few months ago also a technical malfunction have motivated another fire.

Among the union claims that are heard daily, included a delay of a year and a half in shopping technology elements needed to refurbish computers and electrical circuits. The packaging is missing on the electrical infrastructure motivated during the hottest days of constants outages were given in the building. In fact during the summer air conditioners hardly worked.

Pipes some floors are so old that the bathrooms smell of sewage, even when the cleaning staff cleans. Coffee floor 13 had to be closed because the roof was so damp that started to fall.