March 1, 2017

Best Comparison of cast iron pans

The cast iron pans or cast iron have become popular lately, due to its good performance in general and its reputation for clean and healthy, but should take into account some details not tobe dissatisfied when buying our cast iron skillets, Since, as it usually happens in all the orders of life, not everything is white or black; Gray also exists.

What is the 2 best thing about cast iron pans ?

In general, as I indicated in the Comparison of frying pans (1): Teflon, ceramics, iron and titanium , cast iron pans have the advantage of developing a natural non-stick power if used in the right way. In addition, cast iron as such does not release toxic substances, but rather the opposite, as it provides dietary iron to food.

Obviously, there are cast iron pans sold with non-stick coatings like Teflon®, but if we stick to the analysis of iron as a material used as a unique material for the surface of a frying pan, one of the most outstanding values ​​by consumers conscious in The present, is the absence of PFOA and PTFE .

Finally, irrespective of whether or not they have extra or no coatings, cast iron pans are all suitable for induction , and therefore for glass-ceramic, gas, electricity and most types of kitchens, even for oven (as long as they do not Have handles or other parts of plastic, wood, etc.).

Tips for using and cleaning cast iron pans

If you are determined to buy a cast iron skillet , the bad (or the least good) of these is that, by not wearing an artificial non-stick coating, they will require some pampering and a little patience on your part during the first uses, Since it will be from the moment the oil penetrates the micro pores of the cast iron when the pans are acquiring the tone as far as its anti-adherent power is concerned. It is somewhat similar to what I explained in the article on How to Heal a Steel Frying Pan .

At the time of use for cooking, cast iron pans should be preheated to medium or medium-high heat before putting ingredients on them.

Lastly, the basic care of a cast iron skillet is not to put them under any circumstances in the dishwasher, and to thoroughly dry them after each wash. Once dried, in addition, and especially during the first 5 uses, we will have to grease them with a cloth or paper stained with olive oil.

Selection of cast iron pans

Of course, not all iron pans have the same quality, not all the same price, not all offer the same performance. The following are four models of cast iron frying pans of four different ranges, which serve to illustrate some of the details to which I have just referred:


Cast Iron Frying Pan Lodge· With measures of 26 cm. Diameter and 5 cm. Thick, this frying pan is sturdy and somewhat heavy, but offers optimum performance from day one, with a factory-applied natural non-stick treatment.

· With its iron handle and auxiliary handle, this pan is designed to be used in the oven if necessary.

· Considering the prestige of the Lodge brand, the price seems quite reasonable.


Cast iron skillet Le Creuset

· High-end pan of 24 cm. Whose main value is the glazed finish of the exclusive cast iron of Le Creuset, popularized in its famous cast iron Cocottes .

· Vitrified cast iron allows to wash the pan in the dishwasher, although I would prefer to wash it by hand with all possible care. On the contrary, by having wood components in the handle, you can not put it in the oven.

· It is expensive, but the quality and prestige of the brand make it the object of desire of the kitchen gurus.

I hope the information has helped you. Now, as always, I await your comments and input on your experience with the cast steel pans you have tried.