June 29, 2017

Govt to begin delivery of property bonds to residents affected by the flood

This is in addition to other works being carried out by the Government in the locality as the cleaning of channels and land, the delivery of motor pumps, the removal of debris and demolitions, among other tasks to provide a solution to the most urgent needs.

A new field visit was made by the Mayor of Atacama, Miguel Vargas, along with other regional authorities and technical teams to the town of Chollay, which was affected by the alluvium that occurred two weeks ago in the commune of Alto del Carmen.

After reviewing the progress of the work the authorities met with the neighbors and neighbors of the sector to report on the work and to publicize the benefits made available by the Government.

Miguel Vargas, Mayor of Atacama, said that “we came to talk to people and internalize ourselves about their moods, to know about the difficulties they still observe in the work being done, to make known the benefits – which were Announced by different authorities – and also make an assessment of the progress of the work we are carrying out in the locality, particularly cleaning of canals, of the buildings, delivery of motor pumps, the removal of debris, demolitions among others. All commitments made with the people of Chollay. ”

The first authority of Atacama also announced that the list of families who will be beneficiaries of the “bond enseres”, which is expected to be delivered over the next week, has been presented and the commitment of transitional solutions for those who lost Completely their homes.

“I think it was a very positive meeting, very clarifying, the neighbors were very satisfied with the information delivered. We agreed to a new meeting with the agrarian cabinet for Monday at 5:00 p.m., which will probably be accompanied by the Bond cleaning Melbourne¬†and Minister of Mining who announced a visit to the region on Monday and Tuesday of next week. We must remember that the Minister was mandated by the President of the Republic to accompany the emergency process in Atacama, “said Vargas.

During the visit to Huasco province, Miguel Vargas also led an emergency committee meeting (COE) to review the state of progress in meeting the commitments on housing, public works, agriculture and verify the progress of the different Catastros, with which the specific requirements of each of the affected can be known.

Regarding the COE, Vargas said “in general the balance is positive, although there is still important information to research, particularly in the field of non-agricultural productive sectors. We are evaluating some lines of support for those producers who lost their work tools and for that we have mandated the Seremi de Econom√≠a, so that it can have this information in the shortest possible time, and evaluate alternative solutions for those who lost their labor source. ”

In the same instance “the Seremi del Trabajo reported on the request already made regarding the implementation of the Proempleo program in the town of Chollay.” What we also want is that the cleaning work represents a job opportunity for local residents, both men and women. This is a program that we want to take forward and we have asked Seremi to streamline all the procedures so that the program can effectively be implemented, “said Vargas.


During the Coe meeting, the Housing Ministry reported that 23 homes were totally destroyed in all affected localities of the commune of Alto del Carmen “we have already defined that the definitive dwellings will be built through the program of rural habitability . We have to identify a land that is safe, because we can not build anywhere, because all the places where the homes that were destroyed are unsafe, “said the Mayor.