August 17, 2017

How to learn English with the help of the Government

There are many reasons to learn English. Many consider that learning English is key to economic success and full participation in the civic life of the United States. But it is also a requirement for immigrants seeking to become naturalized US citizens because they must demonstrate at least a basic level of understanding of English.

The benefits of speaking English transcend borders. English is a global language that is used in countless countries, industries and professions, regardless of whether or not the person lives in the United States.

One way to learn English is to use the resources offered by the Government .

Learn English in a classroom

In the US education system every state, county, and city has its own education programs and standards, and English language learning resources are provided locally. To find English as a Second Language (ESL or ESOL) classes we recommend:

  • The children’s schools. Many schools offer classes outside working hours
  • Community colleges or junior colleges (junior college)
  • Non-profit organizations and local community centers. Many times they have programs or information to learn English


Some of these programs can be found on the Department of Education’s Adult Education Resource page .

There is also a national directory of literacy where you can find centers that offer civics, citizenship, writing and reading classes.

como aprender ingles na internet

A practical way to learn English for free and at a flexible pace is through . This site, designed by the Department of Education, offers interactive lessons to people with basic, intermediate and advanced levels of English.

The program offers classes in English and uses text, audio and video to explore a variety of situations where the user can learn through examples. The program seeks to enrich students’ vocabulary with new words in each lesson.

Participants can register to save test results and advance to the next lesson once they are ready.

Learn English as a student in the USA

Some people are looking to visit the United States in order to learn English, and they can do so even if they have a tourist visa as long as it is a short course of less than 18 hours per week. People wishing to take longer courses will need to obtain a student visa, which they can apply abroad through US embassies and consulates .

Students who are looking to pursue higher education in the United States, such as a master’s or doctorate, may have to present the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), a test that assesses the student’s ability to speak English .

This requirement depends on each university as some do not require it for students who have studied at a four-year university accredited abroad by the United States educational system.

To learn more about English classes and other resources to continue your education, visit , the official website of the United States Government in Spanish and part of the US General Service