July 6, 2017

Innovation. A shower head to reduce water consumption

A Californian start-up has developed Nebia Shower, a shower head, which, by dropping water into droplets, reduces household water consumption by 70%.

After the  shower head reviews curtain that limits the time spent in the shower , a new invention could soon reduce our water bill . His name: Nebia Shower. The project, developed by the start-up of the same name (Nebia), aims to “revolutionize the shower head and change the way people think about water in their daily lives by creating a more enjoyable experience and saving 70 % Of the water, “ said Philip Winter, boss and co-founder of the San Francisco-based company. A drastic reduction in the consumption of water, this is a seller theme in full drought in California.

Can be installed in any bathroom, shower head sprays, Water in millions of tiny droplets, a method of multiplying the contact area by ten times compared with conventional shower heads, and therefore using much less water. According to the inventors, if all Californians converted there, the savings would be about 757 billion liters of water and almost $ 4 billion a year.

It took Nebia more than five years to develop this innovative shower head, which was then tested on the Apple and Google campuses, as well as at Stanford University. To launch the large-scale distribution phase, Nebia chose to use participatory financing through the Kickstartersite . Launched on Tuesday, the California startup project reached within a few hours its goal of raising funds of $ 100,000, and promises of financing exceeded 1.9 million a few days later.The pommel already available in pre-order for 299 dollarsThe startup says already count among its investors the boss of Apple, Tim Cook, the family foundation of the chairman of the board of directors,Eric Schmidt, or one of Silicon Valley’s most successful startups, Y Combinator.