June 7, 2017

Ministry of the Interior implements comprehensive system of community alarms

Within the security policy being promoted by the Ministry of the Interior and as a mechanism to support the prevention and fight against organized crime, a Community Alarm System is being implemented to control thefts and illicit acts in the country.

The technicians who planned and carried out this program indicate that a “Security Button” was designed and will be installed in housing estates, houses, offices, hotels, commercial premises, companies, financial and banking entities to generate an electronic signal that allows To the national police to resort to that call and eliminate the criminal threat.

This security button will be integrated with the houses, commercial premises or entities that require this service, through a cellular telephone service, which will issue a silent alarm that will reach the Community Police Units and the police or nearby police groups , Which will arrive in a determined time of three minutes, to the place where the alarm occurred and will organize the operation of protection to the citizenship and affected entities.

The security buttons that will be installed will allow the zones of greater incidence of robbery to be sectorized through geo-referencing, which places the zones of greatest danger for citizenship. locksmith melbourne this Community Alarm System has been socialized and organized with various citizen security managers that have been implemented in the governorates, local governments, municipalities with the sole objective of providing the cities with greater security and governance.

This pilot plan, which began in October 2011, was implemented in the cities of Manta, Guayaquil and Quito, in which the communities enrolled in this public safety program have been trained. It should be noted that in Guayaquil 12,000 activated buttons were delivered and in a second stage 20,000 additional buttons will be delivered, which will reinforce the work of the National Police in the Main Port.

This system of community alarm is a novel concept of fighting crime, is an allied technology for law enforcement and a guarantee for citizenship that can be attended quickly and safely.