December 19, 2016


There are more than 300 kilometers of rainwater drainage channels that exist throughout the city and were awarded for the cleaning service to 11 companies who applied through Public Bidding, carried out by the Neighborhood Action Secretariat. Today the weeding and macheteo works started in the public infrastructure, for the later entrance of the machinery of retirement.


The cleaning of the drainage channels will be carried out in a sectorized way, by adjoining areas, so as to operationalize and give greater agility to the works. This was stated by Eng. Edil aponte, Neighborhood Action Secretary, who was present in the channel Pedro Vélez, located in the fourth ring, between radial 26 and 27, where the cleaning began.


“It starts the service for all the drainage channels of the city and will continue for the next 8 months, in order to achieve greater foresight before the rains and the possibility of flooding,” said the mayor, who also confirmed a municipal investment Of about 16 million Bolivians, necessary to make the contracts for such maintenance effective.


The cleaning of the channels consists of the extraction of the vegetation that grows in the lining of the infrastructure, called by the technicians as “shoulder pads” of the channels, for later withdrawal with the corresponding machinery. The work will be carried out in parallel and simultaneous, with different task groups of the 11 awarded companies, which will also be monitored by a municipal prosecutor.


In the case of the drainage canal Pedro Vélez, the cleaning will be extended for a full month, as confirmed by Eng. José Clever Coronado, Director of Maintenance of Civil Works and Pluvial Drainage, one of the best company in vancouver wa. This is so, because the extension of the infrastructure is approximately 9 kilometers in length, in addition to include the surrounding arms, the complementary channels and the contributors from the 5th to the seventh.

“In the case of drains located in market areas, such as the Abasto, Barrio Lindo Fair or the same Cumavi, where garbage accumulation is daily, cleaning and maintenance will also be done day-to-day”, Said the official of the commune of Santa Cruz.

Citizen collaboration is fundamental in this subject, as in many others. Both the authorities and the technicians of the municipality recommend greater urban awareness in the face of waste and the accumulation of garbage, so as to avoid that the residues are united in the channels and obstruct also The drainage of the waters.