February 5, 2016

Pregnant politician wants an abortion


The Obgyn yesterday approved the draft ASi-call abortion law . This morning’s headlines were no strangers to the news .Before the change regulation of abortion, one of the things that most caught my attention was with regard to women should reflect for a minimum of seven days before surgery. I, that maybe I’m a little visceral, I thought,“legislates the PP under the presumption of imbecility citizen?”. So I said, it sounds a bit strong ; I will try to explain it.

Today, like it or not, access to information, from an early age, is almost infinite. Either way the information is intended to provide women with or without ultrasound pictures, the mother may previously having sought. Undoubtedly, there must be an informed consent for abortion. It is a decision of great significance in the life of the woman, but each of you to consider. However, the legislative policy of the PP in this and other areas seems to pivot about a kind of prior indoctrination. It seems to assume that the Spanish citizen is unable to learn, to demand information. It also gives the impression that professionals involved in the important decisions of our citizens are negligent. Thus it is extending the time for reflection of three to seven days.

The problems are not resolved properly but imposing deadlines forming society. A mature society will demand information; a weak society demand a nanny state to control all decisions.

I come to mind several issues that have to do with my profession: 1) Those who regularly appear in the notice saying that have not signed this or that-what document which is always a lie; 2) Parents wary children receiving the loan and always swear in Aramaic that are tricked; and, 3) The recent introduction of the need to draft manuscript stating soil being informed of mortgages. It seems that in this country have abused both of us fools in the end has come to the government a party that treats us as such.

On the other side, too, before the end of the regulation on abortion, it strikes me that there are certain matters of utmost importance for the daily life of our society, which are likely to be changed depending on the color group rule. Certain social plots, marriage, education, abortion … should be agreed and controlled stably. pendulous legislative changes give an authentic picture of Banana Republic. It is another symptom of the lack of maturity does our society? Do our politicians? Is our democracy? you can not vote, elect a party such as deciding to be Real Madrid or Barcelona. Nor does it seem healthy there are only two options that engulf the others.

On the issue of abortion, personally, I have not received a social need to change the law. I will live in a hood. There are other issues of concern to the more Spanish society. It seems that it is to impose a way of thinking so vindictive.

I am not a woman. I think it’s very easy to talk not in a position; representing an abortion is something that either exists or can hardly be narrated as if you were living in the first person; but I think:

  1. If Europe is powered by a system of limits and we in Europe … A few wise words should suffice. Maybe we should empezarnos believe what the European Union and standardize certain ways of thinking and understanding things.
  2. Having or not having a child affects only women. In Spain paternal affiliation legally is weak and is subject to the prior determination of the breast. The father during pregnancy has no business.
  3. She accompany the child to the mother throughout his life and condition the free development of women , which may be particularly significant in a case of unwanted pregnancy.
  4. The Spanish woman age abort which generally targeted by the Act, is the daughter of the current democracy , of our political system and values ​​imposed after the Constitution; laws like the one aim and attitudes as the movers say very little in favor of the progress made ​​in the last thirty-five years. How sad!
  5. In the end, as in many other things, there will be abortion to abortion for rich and poor. Is it advisable to return to the time when the Spanish aborted in London?

Well, again, I think that our politicians act with remarkable hypocrisy and are dedicated to legislate for the gallery; what it is not where they think it’s the gallery. Do you think our politicians are up to our society? Is our society made enough? It is mature our democracy?